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Surfing in the Kingdom of Morocco

A light wind is blowing over the ocean, gently ruffling the deep-blue water beneath the African sun. There are only a few people on the beach, and all are staring intently at a line of surfers bobbing patiently, ready to drop in to waves that can rise to several metres in height. Here they go! Carving and slicing through the waves, often dangerously close to the reefs. That is what they have come for – most of them from far away – to be in the water; day after day, wave after wave.

Over the last 30 years Taghazout, once a well-kept secret, has become something of a Mecca for all serious surfers, with waves breaking big and reliably against the Atlantic shore all through the winter months. This is what has made Taghazout, the Moroccan village just 20 kilometres north of Agadir, so legendary. For within a short distance from the village there are no less than ten fabulous spots – suitable for both beginners and experienced surfers. These breaks have such evocative names as Mystery, Devil’s Rock, Dracula and Killer’s Point, and are internationally recognised amongst those in quest of the ultimate surf.

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